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Year  Agriculture - 2022
e-Proceedings of 80th Annual Convention of STAI
Accelerated Identication of Sugarcane Varieties in Collaboration with Sugar Industry in Tamil Nadu
-C. Appunu, G. Hemaprabha & Bakshi Ram
Comparison of Per Quintal Production of Sugarcane and Wheat Crop v/s Requirement of Fresh Groundwater
-Kuldeep Kumar & Ashish Tripathi
Digitization in Sugarcane Value Chain
-Roshan Lal Tamak, Raja Srivastava & Karanjit Sarkar
Effect of Graded Levels of Iron and Zinc Source and Consortium of Iron and Zinc Solubilizing Microbial Liquid Bioinoculant on Yield and Quality of Sugarcane under Iron & Zinc Deficient Soil
-Sudha D. Ghodke & D. S. Jadhav
Effect of MAXYLD (PGR) on Sugarcane Ratoon Productivity
-R. P. Srivastava, B. S. Tomar, M. K. Upadhyay & A. S. Tomar
Effect of Molybdenum and Boron Application on Yield and Quality Attributes of Sugarcane
-Aneg Singh, Priyanka Singh, Rajesh Kumar & Prasoon Kumar
Enhancement of Sugarcane Productivity and Quality of Popular Traditional Liquid Jaggery for Coastal Peninsular India
-Sanjay B. Patil, M. Shivashenkaramurthy, G.V. Nayak and N.G. Hanamaratti
Evaluation of Exopolysaccharide Producing Bacteria for Sustainable Cane and Sugar Yield of Sugarcane Under Water Stress Condition
-B.G.Mali, S.B.Shinde & S.D.Ghodke
Evaluation of Promising Sugarcane Genotypes for Cane Yield, Juice Quality Parameter in Plant and Ratoon Crop in Marathwada Region of Maharashtra
-R. S. Hapase & P. R. Hapase
Evaluation of Sugarcane Hybrid Clones for Cane Yield and Sugar Yield in Low Recovery Zone of Maharashtra
-P. R. Hapase & R. S. Hapase
Formulation and Validation of IPM Module of Sugarcane Insect Pest
-R. G. Yadav & T. D. Shitole
In Vitro Effect of Silver Nanoparticles on Ceratocystis Paradoxa- An Incitant of Pineapple Disease in Sugarcane
-B.H. Pawar, A.D. Gholave, S.G. Dalvi & G.S. Kotgire
Mechanized Priming of Planting Materials with Physical, Chemical and Biocontrol Agents for the Management of Biotic and Abiotic Stresses in Sugarcane
-P. Malathi, R. Viswanathan, Ravindra Naik & A. Ramesh Sundar
Occurrence of Insect Pests of Sugarcane in Northern Karnataka
-Manjunath Chouraddi, R. B. Khandagave, N R Yekkeli & R B Sutagundi
Occurrences of Three Entomopatogenic Fungi on Sugarcane White Fly, Aleurolobusbarodensis (Maskell)
-Uday Manjul, Sonali Gaikwad, Sudha Ghodke & Ramesh Hapase
Performance of New Clones for Northern Karnataka
-N. R. Yekkeli, R. B. Khandagave, R. B. Sutagundi &M.B. Chouraddi
Role of Sett Treatment Techniques in Sugarcane Productivity
-P.V. Ghodke & A. S. Patil
Status of sugarcane insect-pests in Central Uttar Pradesh
-Sujeet Pratap Singh, S.P. Singh, Arun Singh & K.P. Pandey
The Ratoonability of Advance Sugarcane Varieties under Different Harvesting Dates
-Kranti B. Patil, Subhash K. Ghodke, Ujawala A. Gavit & Bharat. S. Raskar