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Year  Agriculture - 2021
e-Proceedings of 79th Annual Convention of STAI
Bioefficacy and Phytotoxicity of Mesotrione and Atrazine (Ready Mix) to Control Diverse Weed Flora in Sugarcane and on Succeeding Mungbean
-S.S. Nooli, S.B. Patil & Hanumant Bevinakatti
Biological Reclamation of Saline Sodic Soil Using Halophilic / Halotolerant Microorganism to Increase Crop Yield
-S.D. Ghodke, B.G. Mali & A.S. Shinde
Challenges to Deliver Sustainability in the Indian Sugarcane Industry
-R. B. Doule
Co 15023, a Newly Developed Early Maturing Variety, Potential Substitute of Co 0238 Performance at Institute, AICRP and Factory Trials
-Ravinder Kumar, Mintu Ram,Meena & Bakshi Ram
Effect of Different Inter and Intra Row Spacing in Sugarcane for Improving Sugarcane Profitability Through Single Eye Bud Settling
-D.S. Thorave & K.B. Patil
Evaluation of Efficiency of Entomopathogenic Nematode against White Grub in Sugarcane Crop
-Kranti G. Nigade, S.D. Ghodake & U.S. Manjul
Evaluation of Sugar Beet Cultivars in Different Months of Sowing to Know the Optimum Time of Sowing to Supplement the Sugar Industries
-N.R. Yekkeli, R.B. Khandagave, R.B. Sutagundi & M.B. Chouraddi
Field Efficacy of Chlorantraniliprole 18.5% SC Against Sugarcane Early Shoot Borer and Internode Borer in Rajshree Sugars Cane Command Area
-P. Senthamizhselvan, S. Jayaram & G.N. Renganathan
Identification of Elite Sugarcane Clones Suitable for Coastal Regions of Andhra Pradesh
-K. Mohanraj, T. Lakshmi Pathy, G. Hemaprabha & Bakshi Ram
Identification of New Stable Sugarcane Genotypes for Eastern and North Western regions of Tamil Nadu by
-S Alarmelu., V Vinu, K Elayaraja, C Appunu, G Hemaprabha & Bakshi Ram
Identification of Potential Crosses Based on Vigour, Cane Characteristics and HR Brix for First Clonal Selection in Sugarcane
-R.M. Garkar, M.M. Keskar, S.S. Ubale & B.S. Raskar
Influence of Organic Inputs on Sugarcane Yield and Soil Fertility
-Jyoti Kharade, Preeti Deshmukh & Samadhan Surwase
Integrated Nutrient Management for Enhanced Sugarcane Productivity
-Rahul Mirchandani & Shama Zaidi
Mycore-An Effective Endomycorrhizae for Increasing Sugarcane Productivity
-R.P. Srivastava & J.P. Singh
Potential Early and Midlate Maturing Sugarcane Varieties for Tamil Nadu Identified Through Collaboration with Sugar Industry
-C. Appunu, G. Hemaprabha & Bakshi Ram
Public-Private-Partnership in Sugarcane for Doubling Farmers’ Income
-A.K. Sah & A.D. Pathak
Scheduling of Irrigation with Mulch under Surface Irrigation in Sugarcane Crop
-P.P. Shinde
Sett Treatment Device – An Effective Way of Delivering Agro-Inputs for Improved Protection and Production in Sugarcane
-P. Malathi, R. Viswanathan, Ravindra Naik & A. Ramesh Sundar
Soil Fertility Mapping of Ambad Tehsil, Jalna District, Maharashtra Using Geospatial Technique
-Preeti Deshmukh, Varsha Hingmire, S. S. Walte & S. B. Bramhe
Studies of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria for Enhancing Cane and Sugar Yield of Sugarcane Crop
-Kranti Nigade, S D Ghodake & Sharmilee Pradip Pisal
Study of Exo-Polysaccharide Producing Bacteria from Sugarcane Rhizosphere and Their Impact On Growth, Yield and Quality of Sugarcane Under Water Stress Condition in Pot Culture Studies
- S.D. Ghodke, B.G. Mali & A.S. Shinde
Sugarcane Trash Recovery Assessment
-Jorge L.M. Neves, Douglas de O. Forchezatto, Fabio M. Okuno & Pedro D.M. Neves
Sugarcane Varieties for Northern Karnataka under Current Climate Change Scenario
-Sanjay B. Patil, S.G. Guddadamath, S.S., Nooli & P.V Matti
Suitable Sugarcane Varieties for Sustainable Sugar Recovery in Conditions of Sub-Tropical India
-Priyanka Singh, M.M. Singh & Jyotsnendra Singh
The Response of Promising Midlate Maturing Sugarcane Genotypes in Different Agro-Climatic Regions of Maharashtra State
-R. S. Hapase, D. S. Pawar & J. M. Repale
Trash Shredder Mounted on Chopped Sugarcane Harvester Agricultural Effects
-Jorge L.M. Neves, Reinaldo C.M. Pimenta, Douglas De O. Forchezatto & Pedro D. M. Neves